Thorne Ridge

Bathroom $25,000.000 to $50,000.00

Client Needs
The second floor common area bathroom was the original from 27-years ago. It was dark, the window was falling apart, the décor dated the rest of the house, the room was cold, there wasn’t room for two sinks or enough counter space, and it seemed that it took forever for the water to get hot. The client’s chose to change all of that and start from scratch within the walls of the existing space.

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Bedroom Bath

Residential Bath: $15,000-$30,000

This description is about the second floor bathroom which consumed the smaller dollar portion of the combined budget. Immediately down the hall from the top of the second floor stairs you will look into a bathroom with a tree top view through the windows and the back of a free standing tub with a random array of multi-colored mosaic tiles and think what is this doing here. As you get further into the room the surprise is even greater.

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Sussex Bath

Residential Bath: $30,000 – $60,000.00

Raising a family with three children had always taken a first position in their lives. Helping with education expenses, weddings, and seeing that they all had enough to make a down payment on their own homes was just the way things were for them. With the prospect of any of the kids returning to the nest, it was time that they could now focus attention on what they wanted in life and that was purchasing their big dream home.

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