Small Bungalow Kitchen

New to the area and recently semi-retired, these Owners found a modest 1920’s Tudor that had just enough space, plenty of charm, and was in the right community to bring them closer to their children and new grandchildren. New paint, window treatments, and the right arrangement of their belongings were not enough though to conceal the fact that the kitchen was worn far beyond anything aesthetically that they could do to please themselves. Continue reading

Mary Ellen Place

Historical Renovation/Restoration, single story addition and first floor remodel

Clients Needs
Open up the back of the house for greater connectivity to the adjoining spaces. Provide an enlarged back entry with a mudroom for transitioning between the outside and inside, a powder room, a place for the dog’s crate, and provide ample storage to hide the clutter of kids and the adults clothing. Incorporate a drop zone between the mudroom and the kitchen with a planning area and charging station, and have a spot for the dog’s dishes. Remodel the kitchen to include more storage and eat at space, create a bigger family room with built-ins for storage and access to the patio, and have a place for the family computer where the kids can be seen and heard.

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Highlands Kitchen

Some time after this 1950’s era home was built the original kitchen received classical updating with new ceramic cabinet hardware and the addition of track lighting. Unfortunately, these improvements were neither compelling, nor did they do much for the spirit of its new Owner. Turning lights on in the middle of the day to illuminate the kitchen’s space did not bode well with them either.

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Wauwatosa Avenue Kitchen

An un-sympathetic pre- 1980’s kitchen remodel best describes the existing conditions of this project. Original cabinetry was previously recycled in the kitchen, an aluminum slide-by window was installed, vinyl flooring covered Maple flooring beneath, and a makeshift island was built. These elements did not bode well with this turn of the century Victorian or the Owner’s taste.

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