East Chateau Exterior

This client was tired of having the ugly duckling house of the neighborhood. The color was drab, Olive drab, and through a series of prior additions and modifications it completely lost any style or architectural definition. Making the front of the house more attractive was the goal. Continue reading

Bungalow Facade

I know that my house did not look like it does now when it was built in the 1920’s. What do you think? I think you are right was the response. Can you fix it? We can.

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Victorian Porch

The existing wood framed porch was showing its age and wearing out. The under structure was rotting away and the materials on the surface were in the same shape and wouldn’t hold paint any longer.

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Geralyne Circle Exterior


The exhibit we developed to display our company at home and remodeling shows has a distinctive Art and Crafts feel to it, and it draws a lot of attention particularly with people who appreciate that style. While at an event, after mulling around it for several minutes a couple with young children approached the exhibit. They acknowledged our apparent understanding of the vernacular and asked if we worked on homes of that style as well. We chatted, looked at pictures of our work, and came back to the table.

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Historic Renovation/restoration, Conservatory and gardening shed additions

This project was a two-phase endeavor. The first phase consisted of the addition of a four season’s conservatory to the east end of the home. The second phase consisted of adding an attached garage/gardening shed to the west end of the house. Being that the home is of historic value, a sympathetic approach was imperative to match existing conditions while introducing new building product technologies. The highlight of the project is most probably the steel roof and skylight for the conservatory and its appearance of being a natural extension of what was there before.

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