Brinsmere Cape Cod

1st floor family room, garage, kitchen, and laundry room addition 

Typical of late fall in the Midwest, winter made an unannounced visit with an early and heavy wet snow fall. The phone rang in the office, on the other line was a past client indicating she just found a house several blocks from their own for her son who was going to be married later in the winter. She asked if I would be willing to meet with them there to evaluate its capabilities so they might make an offer before it was listed with a realtor.

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Oakland Kitchen Addition

Kitchen and sunroom addition

When asked what she was looking for in her new kitchen and the remodeling, the list was presented.

A large kitchen with an island, counter space, built-in appliances with a wine fridge, granite counter tops, Maple cabinetry with a glazed finish accent, under cabinet lighting, recessed lighting on dimmers, fixture lighting, hardwood flooring, pantry cabinetry, a desk area, room for a dining table for up to 5-people, lots of natural daylight so I don’t have to turn on a light in the middle of the day to see, Continue reading

Nicollet Whole House Project

2-story addition and whole house interior

As this family of six grew, various remodeling projects were undertaken. A media room and office area, a work out area, and a full bath were added to the basement. Remodeling of the master bath and kids bathroom, a laundry and mudroom with cubbies and kids storage and the lynch pin that said they were there to stay, an in-ground pool. For the most part, their house kept pace with them and their needs. But these needs were once again changing and moving was not on their radar.

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Mary Ellen Place

Historical Renovation/Restoration, single story addition and first floor remodel

Clients Needs
Open up the back of the house for greater connectivity to the adjoining spaces. Provide an enlarged back entry with a mudroom for transitioning between the outside and inside, a powder room, a place for the dog’s crate, and provide ample storage to hide the clutter of kids and the adults clothing. Incorporate a drop zone between the mudroom and the kitchen with a planning area and charging station, and have a spot for the dog’s dishes. Remodel the kitchen to include more storage and eat at space, create a bigger family room with built-ins for storage and access to the patio, and have a place for the family computer where the kids can be seen and heard.

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Tudor Addition

Historical Renovation, 2-story dddition

Adding an addition to the house fulfilled a burning desire to address his, hers, and their wishes. He wanted a taller, full, basement for woodworking, she wanted a family room with tons of light and a new rear entry with storage/coat space, and they wanted a way to enjoy the outdoors, bug free, for as long as the seasons would allow them to.

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Family Room

1st floor addition with a dining room, media room, and a spa

In 1991, before there we two kids and two dogs, these Owners built their new house in the country. At the time, it was what they could afford and it suited them just fine. That was then. Now, with two teens, a lot more homes in the country, a lot more friends and neighbors, and as two successful business owners making a lot more money, there is not enough house to hold all the fun.

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Victorian Farmhouse

Historical remodel, first floor addition with an entry, kitchen, and porch

Built in 1900 this Victorian has large rooms in every location except for the kitchen. The owner had gone through painstaking extents to keep the initial integrity and detail of the home intact as they had endeavored into several internal remodeling projects on their own. The existing addition at the back of the house was built to provide access to the basement from the inside. When the home was originally constructed, the basement access was from the outside and the back door entrance was at the opposite side of the house with a small back porch.

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