Two Tree Lane

Historic Renovation, 2-Story addition with a garage, bedrooms, bathroom, laundry, mudroom, kitchen, office, and family room

After living a few years in this 1921 National Registry of Historical Places home, our clients had a good idea of what was missing to suit them and their growing family.

What they wanted and needed consisted of; a larger 2-1/2 car garage with ample storage, a mudroom rear entry, a 1st floor powder room, a kitchen for entertaining that opened up to a family room on one side and the formal dining room on the other, convenient access to the backyard without having to walk around the house, 2-additional bedrooms, a future 2nd floor laundry room and boy’s bathroom, fixing the chronic water problem with the existing basement, and if they were going to do all this work, central air conditioning added to the boiler and radiator heated house. Continue reading

Eastside Victorian

2-Story addition and exterior renovation

When our client purchased the Victorian home the previous owners had stripped all of the original exterior details and covered the home with vinyl siding. The front porch of the house was also stripped of its original charm and was rebuilt with the cheapest of materials.

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Cotswold Tudor

Historical Renovation/Restoration, 2-Story Addition

They have lived in Australia, England, China, Alabama, and now Wisconsin. This was hopefully the last move for the family although due to the nature of his career, travel to Asia remained a frequent requirement for the job as well as a personal travel choice for both of them.

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Tudor Addition

Historical Renovation, 2-story dddition

Adding an addition to the house fulfilled a burning desire to address his, hers, and their wishes. He wanted a taller, full, basement for woodworking, she wanted a family room with tons of light and a new rear entry with storage/coat space, and they wanted a way to enjoy the outdoors, bug free, for as long as the seasons would allow them to.

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Calhoun Project

Historical Renovation/Restoration, Whole house remodel, additions, and a Carriage house

Although they had construction drawings for a new home and a lake front property to build it on, the owner indicated that they always had a burning desire to rehab an old house. After diving by this property every day for two years and seeing it vacant, when the For Sale sign went in the ground, they jumped on it. They said that the price and the nearly four acres of land with apple orchards were just too good to pass up.

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Historic Renovation/restoration, Conservatory and gardening shed additions

This project was a two-phase endeavor. The first phase consisted of the addition of a four season’s conservatory to the east end of the home. The second phase consisted of adding an attached garage/gardening shed to the west end of the house. Being that the home is of historic value, a sympathetic approach was imperative to match existing conditions while introducing new building product technologies. The highlight of the project is most probably the steel roof and skylight for the conservatory and its appearance of being a natural extension of what was there before.

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