Eastside Victorian

2-Story addition and exterior renovation

When our client purchased the Victorian home the previous owners had stripped all of the original exterior details and covered the home with vinyl siding. The front porch of the house was also stripped of its original charm and was rebuilt with the cheapest of materials.

Originally, the house had an open rear porch that over the years was enclosed. At some point, a second floor was added. This porch with its addition was structurally unsound and had to be completely rebuilt. The new addition was architecturally designed to compliment the original style of the home. The first floor became a sunroom with entry columns and trim to match the existing details found through out the home. The second floor of the addition was designed as a master bathroom.

The vinyl siding, trim boards, and porch trim were all removed. A fiber cement siding with new trim boards were installed. New details were added over the windows and bay area. The porch columns were added with new railings and skirt trim to bring the house back to its former glory. The house was painted to reflect a more subdued color scheme.

The finish results have restored this home to once again stand out as an architectural gem that the owners are proud to call home.